NAVIGATE is a film program focused on student short films from the Polish National Film School in Łódź (Lodz Film School), German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (DFFB) and The Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Each school has a rather academic approach to studies and within the program you can see a variety of genres, style & authors visions in a form of experiments while moving through the learning process over the courses. All the selected films show the earlier students works of young directors which made it to international festivals. 

Valentyna Zalevska
  • Still frame from the movie HEN


    Andrzej Brzózka Poland

    13 min fiction 2020 Language of dialogues Polish

    Tola is working on a children's book about animal behaviour. Her main inspiration is a domestic hen with which she talks to with help from an internet animal communicator. Things get out of control when her boyfriend tries to sabotage her work, animal communicator gets involved with her private live and the hen tries to escape. „Hen” is a short satire about students live in Poland. And everywhere else.

  • Still frame from the movie SUCH A BEAUTIFUL TOWN


    Marta Koch Poland

    8 min animation 2019 Language of dialogues no dialogue

     Morning. Woman wakes up, goes to the window and, to her surprise, notices her boyfriend kissing another woman on the street. Disoriented, she runs out of the apartment to confront him, but the man is not there anymore. She embarks on a lonely journey throughout the city, which with each subsequent street becomes more stifling and unsympathetic.

  • Still frame from the movie SETTLING THE SCORE


    Zuzanna Grajcewicz Poland

    13 min fiction 2019 Language of dialogues Polish

    The film tells a story of elderly woman Halina, who makes a difficult decision and stands up for justice and her own dignity. Settling the score is an attempt to address the problem of marginalization of elderly people's needs and their quality of life.

  • Still frame from the movie SQUARING THE CIRCLE


    Karolina Specht Poland

    5 min animation 2018 Language of dialogues no dialogue

    At first glance, it seems that SQUARE lives among chaos and endless changes. But next, we can notice that the systems in which he functions, are constantly repeated, introduce a routine, hypnotize without allowing any movement. Once, a new element sneaks into the pattern, which for a moment will allow SQUARE to look a little differently at reality.

  • Still frame from the movie LOVED ONES


    Zofia Kowalewska Poland

    14 min fiction 2018 Language of dialogues Polish

     Olga's teenage daughter suddenly goes to the hospital. The mother needs to face not only the child's disease, but also her ex-husband, whom she have not contacted for years.