The Western world may speak about equality for decades, but inequality is mostly here to stay — holy and everlasting. Beach workers at all-inclusive resorts that carry on with their small jobs in contrast with happy holidaymakers; midgets, orphans and even socks in a national opera feel it like no one else. Inequality is still a goddess of civilization and a sister of consumerism.

  • Still frame from the movie ASHMINA


    Dekel Berenson United Kingdom

    15 min fiction 2018 Language of dialogues Nepali, English

    Nestled between a beautiful lake and the Himalayas, Ashmina, 13, lives with her family at the outskirts of Pokhara Nepal, paragliding capital of the world. Forced to skip school, Ashmina helps her family make ends meet by working at the landing field, packing the parachutes of foreign pilots in return of small change.

  • Still frame from the movie PLAYEROS: BEACH WORKERS


    Alexandre Beaumont-Vachon Canada

    15 min documentary 2019 Language of dialogues no dialogue

    We dream of going to the beach; Nelson wishes only to escape. We want to go on vacation; Nelson wishes only to work. While we are sleeping, he is awake. By day, we see him walk past, yet Nelson goes unnoticed.

  • Still frame from the movie SHORT CALF MUSCLE


    Victoria Warmerdam Netherlands

    13 min fiction 2019 Language of dialogues Dutch

    Short Calf Muscle is an absurdist black comedy about Anders. And Anders is different. But he doesn't know that. Yes, he's also gay, but that's not the point here. There is also this thing that others see, but he doesn'.

  • Still frame from the movie LAKE OF HAPPINESS


    Aliaksei Paluyan Germany

    29 min fiction 2019 Language of dialogues Belarusian

    In a small Belarusian village where time seems to stand still, Jasja, a 9-year-old girl, has to deal with her mother's death. Her father decides to send her to an orphanage. But one day she decides to run away, home.

  • Still frame from the movie THE BEST ORCHESTRA IN THE WORLD


    Henning Backhaus Austria

    13 min fiction 2019 Language of dialogues German

    Ingbert, the sock, applies for a position as double bass player at the Vienna State Orchestra. Bad idea.