In 2019 10 European short film festivals collectively launched the European Short Film Audience Award. Each festival nominates a local film as the winner in their respective national competition and ultimately, all films compete against each other to be awarded Best European Film of the Year. And most importantly: the jury is you! What would happen if Romeo and Juliet did not die young, did we detain the nominees of rare species of our fauna, can we learn the behavioral scenarios, how to come to terms with human syndromes and to take revenge on politicians? All this with a taste of drama and humor in 2 short film selections.

  • Still frame from the movie " MEMORABLE"


    Bruno Collet France

    12 min animation 2019 Language of dialogues French

    Louis, a painter, and his wife Michelle have recently experienced some strange events. The universe around them seems to be changing. Slowly, furniture, objects, and people lose their realism. They come apart, sometimes they disintegrate.

  • Still frame from the movie MANOLO MONTESCO Y CARMELA CAPULETO


    María Jáimez Spain

    30 min documentary 2019 Language of dialogues Spanish

    What would happen in the life of Romeo and Juliet if they had not died adolescents? How would their days be at 90?

  • Still frame from the movie PLUS ONE


    Myro Klochko Czechia, Ukraine

    23 min fiction 2019 Language of dialogues Ukrainian

    Happy newly married couple Ida and Jura are expecting a child. Ida suddenly finds out that the child will be special. She faces a challenge, and she is not sure how Jura will react when he learns the news, nor what life with an extraordinary child will bring