This year’s events have changed the pace of life and the planet itself. What have Ukrainian directors been up to during quarantine? What has inspired, outraged and worried them? What the world around has looked like to them? We will watch some films, specially сreated for the Wiz-Art Festival, about the subjective experience of the unusual 2020. The program includes films-reflections, intimate stories and tales from others by Khrystyna Syvolap, Roman Bordun, Nikon Romanchenko, Zoya Laktionova and Bohdana Smyrnova.

  • Still frame from the movie LADYBUG


    Christina Sivolap Ukraine

    7 min fiction 2020 Language of dialogues Ukrainian, Russian

    Smartphone screen as a witness of monotonous days of a mother and her daughter. They wake up, cook breakfast, chat, deal with boredom, love and kill time.

  • Still frame from the movie ETUDE


    Nikon Romanchenko Ukraine

    3 min experimental 2020 Language of dialogues no dialogue

    The fragments of observation after the window across the street and an attempt to change the space during self-isolation.

  • Still frame from the movie LIGHTHOUSE


    Zoya Laktionova Ukraine

    6 min experimental 2020 Language of dialogues no dialogue

    What will you understand when you reach a lighthouse? On life, death and road.

  • Still frame from the movie WHEN MY SUN SETS


    Bohdana Smyrnova Ukraine

    12 min 2020 Language of dialogues Ukrainian

    2020 became the year of uncertainty and fear: pandemic and fight against it, murders and disapperances of children, gender violence and impunity. We feel our own vulnerability, worry for ourselves and our loved ones. We want to guard and protect. We are ready to sacrifice a part of our freedom for an illusion of control.

  • Still frame from the movie POWER ANT TRUTH


    Roman Bordun

    5 min documentary 2020 Language of dialogues Ukrainian

    2020 has become the year of empty streets in the city that never sleeps – New York. In spring and summer the parks have become one of the few places where you’re allowed to be during the quarantine. It created or strengthened park subculture. The author used here everyday walks in Sunset Park in Brooklyn to preserved her sanity and create a portrait of mass tragedy and the way it was overcome.